Red Sandalwood Oil is obtained by means of distillation method.

Because of its woody and natural aroma, it may be used as a natural perfume or perfume essence.

During externally usage, it may show the characteristics of muscle relaxant, tissue restoration, moisturizing the skin and antipyretic.

In addition to these, it is known with its aphrodisiac affects during massage and vapor applications.

Red Sandalwood Oil is commonly used in cosmetics industry.

Beta-santalol, which is the main ingredient of it shows antimicrobial affect and because of this it is very much preferred in aromatherapy and soap industry.

In aromatherapy, it is known with its affects of calming and relaxing during situations such as insomnia , stress, tension and depression.

It is effective at care of dry and chapped skin and it gives shine to the skin. In addition to this it may be preferred as carrier oil in skin cleaning or an important ingredient in skin care cream and lotions.


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