Your skin which frequently encounters sun rays, wind and water dries, sensitises and sometimes reacts through irritation and reddening.

Levoderm Body Lotion has been devoloped for dry and sensitive skin. Beside itsrefreshing and relaxing effect, it penetrates deep into your skin with the effect of provitamin B (Dexpantenol), thus assisting it to moisten and renew its natural protective layer.

Allantoin which Levoderm contains reduces roughness on the skin while speeding up the ell making. Its 5.5 pH value supports the acidic cover and barrier function Levoderm Body Lotion renews your dry, tense and irritated skin, thus assisting it to attain a smooth and well-cared appearance.

Levoderm Lotion ensures any damaged, burnt and dried skin to rapidly renew with the effect of the high percentage of dexpantonne it contains. It is so good a moisteniser. You may apply it to your face after shower, shave and sun-bath. Formula with extra moisteniser for sensitive and dry skin.

Levoderm Body Lotion assists your skin to self-repair. Mode Of Use After each contact with water (shower, bath, etc.) rub Levoderm Body all over your body, gently massaging your skin. This lotion may be applied several times during the day. It easily spreads over the body and is rapidly absorbed. It leaves so pleasant a feeling on your skin without oiling it.

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