Grape Seed oil contains many flavanoids showing high antioxidative affect. Antioxidants are composites protecting cells from harmful affects of free radicals.

Phytochemicals which are called as OPCs (Oligomeric proanthocyanidins) contained especially in Grape seed , help in regulating blood flow and strengthening blood vessels in addition to their antioxidative feature.

Since it increases blood flow and correct irregularities in blood vessels, it may be used as supportive of treatment of diabetes diseases, varicosis diseases, decreasing cataract and eye fatigues. It may be used externally since it helps in increasing skin elasticity and delaying aging.

OPC’s may help protect against the effects of internal and environmental stresses such as cigarette smoking and pollution, as well as supporting normal body metabolic processes.

The effects may include depressing blood fat, emolliating blood vessels, lowering blood pressure, preventing blood vessel scleroses, dropping blood viscidity and preventing formation.

Additionally, studies have shown that OPCs may prevent by counteracting the negative effects of high cholesterol on the heart and blood vessels.


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