The Orange Flavored Organier fish oil is specially formulated as a dietary supplement for the treatment of vitamins A, D and E deficiencies. These vitamins are used as a support for a healthy growth and brain development, for strengthening the immune system against the infections occurred as a result of cold and cough, for a strong bone and teeth and for a healthy skin.

Daily Usage and Dose:
– For babies between 0-1 months of age, the dose is 2,5 ml/day (1/2 dessert spoon)
– For babies between 1-12 age, the dose is 5 ml/day (1 dessert spoon)
– For babies above 7 years of age and for adults, the dose is 10 mi/day (2 dessert spoon)
– Pregnancy and nurshing mother 5 ml/day (1 dessert spoon)
Half of the above doses shall be given to the abies feeding with baby formula.
Can be used by mixing with water. For the pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers the recommended dose is 5 ml/day.

Warnings: Before usage turn the bottle up side down and shake it well.
Please read the User’s Manual carefully. If you are under medication, consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking this product.
Do not exceed the daily dosage. This product is not intended to replace normal nutrition.
This is not a medicine, but only a dietary supplement Store in its packaging, in a place out of sight and out of reach of children .
Keep it in a dry and cool place, under 25°C. Once opened keep it in refrigerator.

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