Dr.Silpak is a multi-purpose cleaning concentrate with high technology, micro-cutting, soap and acid free. Thanks to its special formula, it destroys the molecular structure of oils and dirt and cleans them in depth. Dr.Silpak is a water-based product. It is rinsed easily. It does not leave any harmful residues after cleaning. It provides hygiene on cleaned surfaces. It can be used on most sensitive surfaces. Contains no substances that can harm human health. People with allergic problems can also use it safely. Shortness of breath and cough does not. Children’s rooms can be used with ease.

  • Concentrate equivalent to 15 spray bottles
  • Used on all kinds of surfaces
  • Not irritating
  • Does not contain acid and harmful chemicals
  • Horse is not poisonous
  • It does not damage the surfaces used.
  • It is not flammable
  • Cleans in seconds

Dr. Silpak Usage Areas

  • Carpet – Seat-Shower Cabin
  • Wall (Paint – Wallpaper)
  • Sink – Closet – Bathtub
  • Tile – Flooring – Tiles Between
  • Marble – Granite – Ceramic
  • Office – Office Furniture
  • Extractor-Oven-Kitchen Surface
  • Car seats and upholstery
  • Air-Conditioning-White Goods
  • Electronic Devices
  • Wooden Furniture
  • Motor – Tyre – Rim

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