Nigella Sativa Oil which is also known as ‘Habbat Al Barakah’ or “Blessed Seed” since it is the cure of many disease in Middle East countries is used in Middle East, Asia and Africa for thousands of years and is recognized and also used in America and Europe currently.

Nigella Sativa Oil includes omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids at the rate of 58 % and also includes selenium, zinc, iron, copper, calcium minerals and E vitamin at a high rate.

It helps in strengthening immune system, increasing antioxidant affect on the body, decreasing complaints of women in menopause period thanks to minerals in it.

Furthermore, it may be used as natural supportive in treatment of asthma, diabetes, sinusitis and rheumatism.

Externally, it may be applied as herbal supportive in treatment of hemorrhoid. In addition, it has a nutritious and moisturizing feature for all dry skins.

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