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Advanced Memory Foam

Takes the shape of your foot for a best comfort and support. With its recall feature, it remembers your foot shape for next uses. Relaxes tired and aching feet. Reduces the friction due to synthetic fabrics. Hand-washable and reusable. You can use the recall featured insole as an insole or you can paste it over […]

Foot Corn Protection Tape

Self-adhesive foot corn protection tape is made of %100 silicone rubber and hypoallergenic stick. Take off paper part of stick adhesive tape and apply to corn. It’s for external use only. Do not apply to bleeding neither fresh wounds. Diabetics and patients having disturbance of circulation, please take a consult from your doctor before use. […]

Foot Inner Support

Made of genuine leather. Prevents intoeing. Paste easy with its self-adhesive tape. We recommend you to test it before use, due to spaces of feet vary according to foot type. Our products may tint in time since they are made of genuine leather. Life time of the products depends on your use and the amount […]

Forefoot Cushion With Inner Gel Pad

Bunion gel cushion sleeveshield region, covering bunion, irritation, calluses and prevents the wound. Provides relief of pain and pressure in the near and long term. Bunion with high-quality medical silicone material, durable, abrasion resistant and is also very soft, smooth, skin-friendly and hygienic. Designed for multi-use and easily cleaned with soap and can be disinfected […]

Full Length Silicone Insole

Having visco-elastic relaxing, basic walking and standing pressure points. These products are made of silicon having two different densities. Silicon used in the blue region is softer than other regions. Through this feature it deploy the pressure well-balanced by adapting your foot shape. That makes it compatible with the use of all foot types. Is […]

Gel Bunion Protector

Instantly reduce your bunion and hammer toe discomfort. This pair of soft gel shields help to protect your bunion from knocks and bumps helping to relieve pain. Worn everyday they will help to realign toes to their natural position using gentle pressure. Reduces your bunion and hammer toe discomfort. Alleviates tension. Can be worn with […]

Gel Front Clump

Invisible silicone pad. Relief your feet when you use high heel shoes. Non-slip. Washable and reuseable.

Gel pad for heel spurs

Prevents the shoe bites by increasing the height of your foot. Reduces heel ache through its removable part hidden at the heel. You may remove hidden parts separately from heel according to achy point. Our products may tint in time since they are made of genuine leather. Life time of the products depends on your […]

Height Increaser

Using with high-back shoes and boots is recommended. Like a standard insoles, it’s indistinguishable even by you. When you wear your shoes you will feel tall a certain height. Your shoes will look new. You may feel a little tight at first usage but it takes the shape of the shoe in short time. For […]

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