Private Label

Private Label production, in a basic sense, means that one company has another manufacturer produce products according to its own demands. In Private Label production, the brand of the product may belong to the company or manufacturer that makes the production. In the same way, the marketing of the product to be produced may be carried out by either party. By means of Private Label production, the parties are free from the need to concentrate in the areas in which they become professional and intervene in areas outside the business framework.

A manufacturer specializing in production and a product owner specializing in marketing and distribution perform a joint work, adding their own expertise. In general, Private Label production can be carried out in all sectors where production is carried out and contract production is not prohibited by law.

Product Design and presentation

All design and presentation stages related to a product. Design of products and preparation of all necessary graphics and technical drawings for printing. Presentation and approval of the product after the design.

Formula Work

Preparation of the formula to be used in the content of the product according to the customer’s demands, production of sample content.

Packaging Design, Mold Production

Designing the packaging to be used in the product, preparing the necessary technical drawings for the mold and producing the mold that we will perform in our own structure.


Production and delivery of the product after all stages of preparation and quality.

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